Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jalan Pasar

Jalan Pasar is also known as the electric and electronic street in KL. Anything from electrical appliances to electronic parts can be get here. If you cannot find electrical or electronic parts in this street that mean there is a big possibility the parts does not exists at all. Besides the above mention items in this street you can also buy concert electrical items such as big amp, concert grade mixer and concert grade big speaker. Besides that the price for all the items sell here is quite affordable due to there are many competitors located along this street. This street is also famous for another thing and that is fish. From gold fish to salt water fish you can get it all in this street. This street will only transform to fish street during Sunday but other day there is also will have vendor selling fish but the selection of fishes is not as many compare to Sunday.

There is also a illegal selling of fake medicine such as fake viagra or other medicine that claimed can provide long lasting sex drive for men. For your information please do not attempted or think of buying any of these medicine because all these medicine is fake and can bring harm to the body if consumed. Other than fake medicine the street also got a few road side stall that sell stolen object such as car audio set, cell phone and other thing, one piece of advice buy at your own risk.

As you can see there are 2 shop that I highly recommended if you guy want to buy thing because the shop provide a wide selection of electrical and electronic parts inside the shop. For me I love to buy thing from Darson this shop as can be seen on the picture above. Although there are a shabbier side of this street it is worth while to go venture during weekend because there is a lot of thing to see and experience :-)


bzzts said...

nice info.

hope u dont mind we share your blog info here ;

Асель said...

i was searching this market in internet, and found ur blog, THANK YOU so much! now i know how to get to there!

thenna said...

thanks for the info :)

Anonymous said...

Hi,can tell me which part of the jalan pasar gt sell shoes suitable for hiking?thanks