Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm back

Its been a long time since I update my blog and my last entry for my blog is somewhere around December last year and now only I update my blog. Many things happen during the past 6 month of 2011, I already been working for 2 years in my previous company and on june 2011 I decided it is time to move on to a new working environment. My last working experience as a CAD modeller is a bitter sweet experience but now I am currently employed as a process improver (engineer) in a automotive glass manufacturer plant. My company is named Pilkington and is formerly known as Malaysian Sheet Glass (MSG) at Sg. Buloh. My job role is to monitor and improve the automotive glass manufacturing process and my process is glass furnace. Everyday I will be playing with fire and after working in this company I only know that glass is really a fragile piece of material, furnace too hot to the glass is too soft to shape, too cold and the glass is under fire and easily break. Although the work load is a bit heavier compare with my previous company but I indeed learn a lot of thing from this company.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sprain ligament

This is the first time that I am posting my injured ligament. This happen during my time playing basketball with my colleague and that time I twisted my ligament. I went to a chinese medicine practitioner for him to massage and also wrap chinese herb medicine around my leg everyday and to my amazament they also can issue MC for me so that I can proved that I was really injured and I am now cheating any MC. Up until last week my leg is already recover 90% but right after I peel off the last dosage of chinese medicine wrapping around my leg I ignore the advice of the doctor for not walking that frequently before I am 100% recover.

The consequences of ignoring the advice is start from yesterday my sprained ligament become painful again and this time I need to go throught the whole process again plus also the pain that I need to endure before the recovery of my leg.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hidden treasure of Pagoh

This post is post dated post and I been to this place month before and only I blog it here because still the same reason, my laziness. Back to the topic about this post, many sure wonder why this place Pagoh seems so familiar and let me explain here. Actually Pagoh is a small and a quiet town just like any other small town in Malaysia. Still remember that during SPM time that we need to read a malay novel and for those selangor and KL school we need to read konserto terakhir and also Bukit Kepong. Bukit Kepong is situated just after pagoh and in our history Bukit Kepong mark the fiercest battle between the Communist and our arm forces but in the end the communist win that battle and burned down the whole police station of Bukit Kepong and in the Bukit Kepong novel there are a few line stating Pagoh this small town.

OK, enough of history crap and let us move on, i been to Pagoh for outstation work and the people there bring me to one restaurant that are very famous around there and also very unique. This restaurant is called Nasuha Herbs and Spice farm. Their concept is to provide you with the food that are cook with their hrebs and spices that grow themselves and even the drinks there are mostly herbs drink.
Nasuha Herbs and Spice farm does not only provide foods and beverages it also house a resort, SPA and also their famous organic herbs and spices plantation. Nasuha Herbs and Spice farm even have their own farm to provide poultry for their restaurant.

Upon entering the restaurant you are required to take off your shoe for a good reason, you need to take your shoe off because the restaurant floor is covered in various pebbles and also rocks that are strategicly place to massage your food just like the reflexology path that you often seen in park nowadays. Their restaurant deco concept is nature itself and so the table are in tree shape and not the usual square shape table. The restaurant provide a decent and typical malay food with some western dishes such as chicken chop. the taste of the food there is decent and the price there is fair enough. It is a nice experience to know that there is such a unique place in Malaysia.

Nasuha Herbs and Spice farm please click HERE

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sate Celup

This is a very silly post because I drive all the way to Melaka just to ate sate celup there then came back KL in the night. Why I said this is the silly because the story is like this,few weeks ago I need to go Pagoh out station on friday so I apply leave on thursday and head down to Melaka to spend a night there then only continue my journey to Pagoh the next day. The plan sounds fantastic and so on thursday morning I bring my car for routine service a.k.a change engine oil then come back to pack up my stuff then I drove my car leisurely from KL to Melaka.

Why I choose Melaka to spend a night there because I have a relative there and so I can spend a night a her house before continue my journey to Pagoh. When I arrive there we had lunch a Station 1 then in the night we have our sate celup dinner at one of the restaurant that claimed they are the first people that created sate celup. The restaurant is called Restoran Kingtu and it serve the usual menu that come with sate celup such as fishball, pork ball etc. This restaurant is even visited by 阿贤 and feature on his programme that aired in Astro. For me the peanut sate sauce is perfect although the amount of peanut inside the Kingtu sauce is less than the famous Capitol. The sauce is smooth and a little bit of spicy and when you had your first bite after dipping your food into the sauce you can feel the aroma of peanut flowing around your mouth and after the taste of peanut then come the spicy flavour. It just taste so good. According to my relative this shop will be full during dinner time but the day I go we become their first customer and as the time gets longer the more customers start to pour into this restaurant. Direction please click HERE.

When I am eating my heart suddenly my phone rang and the appointment is cancel so that mean I no need head for Pagoh on friday. After I hear this news I am stunned and what to do I quickly finish my dinner then head back for KL and in the future I do not want to let this history repeat itself again.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pork rib (排骨)

Here is another good food I had eaten few weeks ago and this time is pork rib or in cantonese Pai Kuat. This restaurant is located somewhere in Klang and because I am not too familiar with Klang so I cannot say exactly where this restaurant is situated but you can click on the link at the end of this blog for the map.

This restaurant is famous for its pork rib, their pork rib is tender and juicy, when you put those tender juicy pork rib into your mouth you can taste the ribs tenderness and also a little a bit of sweet honey taste. The rib got the sweet taste of honey because I guess the rib is marinated with honey before they go for frying. The price for the ribs is from RM 4.00 till RM 15.00.

The other delicious food also from the same restaurant is their hakka pork ball. This food is actually pork ball instead of boiled in soup as the normal pork ball that have in pork ball noodle (猪肉丸面) they fry it but they fry until the skin of the pork ball is crisp but leaving the inside tender and juicy. The pork ball for is the best, I love the pork ball so much that I forget that this food is only the side dishes of the restaurant. This pork ball is RM1.00 per ball.

Since I am not familiar with Klang and you sure will wonder how on earth that I manage to find this restaurant?? This needs to give a credit to my girl friend as she is the one that bring me to this restaurant.

Need direction to this restaurant please click HERE

Food in Connought Pasar Malam

Big Big size

I am not a big fan of dim sum to be honest not because of dim sum is not delicious but for the face is the portion of dim sum. As you all know dim sum is a delicacy that are small in portion and pretty. Why I say this because dim sum is made to please your eyes and also your tongue. Dim sum is delicious and yet because me like to eat everything in big portion means dim sum is not my choice. Besides the portion the price is also an issue for me because dim sum is not cheap and they charge on how much you eat and since the portion of dim sum is quite small, to the big eaters like me it sure will burn a hole in your wallet.

But not all dim sum is small in portion and in a town called Lawan Kuda nearby my hometown Gopeng there also have dim sum but the dim sum there is on steroid. There only serve few selections of dim sum and unlike other dim sum restaurant that serve variety of dim sum. I also do not know why the dim sum in Lawan Kuda is so big size as you can see on the picture above. The first picture is
char siu pao and the second picture is Har kao and both also in steroid. I love to eat dim sum when i balik kampung because it is delicious, cheap and also I just eat a few round then I am full.

I am wondering can anyone tell me that does those dim sum on steroid exist in KL??