Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm back

Its been a long time since I update my blog and my last entry for my blog is somewhere around December last year and now only I update my blog. Many things happen during the past 6 month of 2011, I already been working for 2 years in my previous company and on june 2011 I decided it is time to move on to a new working environment. My last working experience as a CAD modeller is a bitter sweet experience but now I am currently employed as a process improver (engineer) in a automotive glass manufacturer plant. My company is named Pilkington and is formerly known as Malaysian Sheet Glass (MSG) at Sg. Buloh. My job role is to monitor and improve the automotive glass manufacturing process and my process is glass furnace. Everyday I will be playing with fire and after working in this company I only know that glass is really a fragile piece of material, furnace too hot to the glass is too soft to shape, too cold and the glass is under fire and easily break. Although the work load is a bit heavier compare with my previous company but I indeed learn a lot of thing from this company.

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